strategic partnership

real estate data analytics technology

Google Maps Co-Founder Backs Cypriot Analytics Firm

Lars Rasmussen, cofounder of Google Maps, has made a strategic investment in Ask Wire, a Cypriot real estate data analytics firm, signaling a significant endorsement of their innovative datadriven approach. This partnership aims to revolutionize decisionmaking in the real estate industry through the use of technology and data, paving the way for intuitive strategies enhanced by actionable insights.

startup ecosystem strategic partnership

Cypriot Startup Accelerator Partners with Finance Firm XM

ARIS, a Cypriot startup accelerator, has partnered with finance firm XM to enhance Cyprus’s startup ecosystem. This collaboration aims to empower startups by offering mentorship, a network, and resources, reinforcing XM’s commitment to corporate social responsibility and fostering a hub for innovation in Cyprus and beyond.

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