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A Celebration of Hambis Tsangaris: A Retrospective Exhibition

The Hambis Tsangaris retrospective exhibition at the Hambis Printmaking Museum celebrates the artist’s engravings and illustrations from 19732019, showcasing his interpretations of Cypriot texts, folk songs, and tales. It highlights his role in preserving Cypriot culture through his artistic contributions, offering a vibrant and immersive journey through the art of storytelling via prints.

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An Evening of Melodies and Myths

The AG Leventis Gallery event offers a unique fusion of art, music, and storytelling with the narrative concert “Story of a Captive,” providing an intimate and historical journey through Asia Minor’s cultural heritage. Visitors can immerse themselves in this enchanting experience, where every note and word create a vivid tapestry of human emotions and history.

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Crafting Tradition: The Ceramic Legacy of Cyprus

Souzana Petri’s ceramic art in Cyprus weaves the rich heritage of the island with modern narratives, offering snapshots of historical life while educating new generations. She innovates tradition, merging it with contemporary elements, and commits to teaching, ensuring the craft’s evolution and its relevance for future Cypriots.

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