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Live Music Events in Cyprus: A Melodic Journey Post-Easter

Live music events postEaster in Cyprus offer a variety of genres, including jazz, soul, rock, and classical. From Workin’ Trio in Trimiklini to Triple Soul in Limassol, and MidLife Crisis in Paphos, to the Stabat Mater: Pergolesi concert in Erimi village, there’s a melodic rendezvous awaiting every music lover on the island.

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Celebrating Cypriot Commerce: Applications Open for Prestigious Exports Award

The prestigious Cyprus Exports Award by the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry celebrates the innovation and quality of Cypriot businesses in the global market, with applications closing on May 31, 2024. This accolade, established in 1982, honors excellence in export across diverse sectors, showcasing the tenacity and prowess of Cypriot economic players on the international stage.

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Paraplegics’ Organisation Wins 2023 Stella Soulioti Award

The Paraplegics’ Organisation has won the prestigious 2023 Stella Soulioti human rights award, receiving €10,000 in recognition of their commitment to advocating for the rights and social integration of individuals with disabilities in Cyprus. The award ceremony will take place at the foreign ministry on December 28, celebrating the organization’s exceptional contribution to the defense of human rights in Cyprus and honoring the legacy of Stella Soulioti, the only female attorneygeneral in Cyprus’ history.

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