motorsports sponsorship

HTFX Partners with EuroNASCAR Driver Vladimiros Tziortzis

HTFX has partnered with EuroNASCAR driver Vladimiros Tziortzis as their gold sponsor, showcasing a shared commitment to excellence and speed. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in international racing, combining financial services with highoctane competition to promote Cyprus on the EuroNASCAR circuit.

sports community-building

Lemesia 2024 Powered by BrainRocket: A Sporting Renaissance

Lemesia 2024 powered by BrainRocket is a premier sporting event in Limassol, featuring a diverse range of sports and new additions like International Beach Sprint Rowing and the Heat Wave Fitness Festival. Supported by sponsors and a strong social media presence, this event celebrates athletic excellence with a vibrant spirit of sportsmanship and community.

chess sponsorship

Open Chess Championship culminates in award ceremony

The Cyprus Open Chess Championship, sponsored by Freedom Finance Europe and the Cyprus Chess Federation, has significantly elevated chess’s profile in Cyprus, offering both competitive play and academic opportunities. The event concluded with an award ceremony, celebrating strategic prowess and hinting at chess’s bright future on the island, with calls for its integration into educational curriculums.

partnerships sponsorship

Strategic Partnerships Elevate Cyprus Cricket

Cyprus Cricket is witnessing a transformative shift through strategic partnerships, with stalwarts like BAO Financial Group fueling growth. Fresh sponsors like HurryCurry Restaurant and Chart World are injecting vigor into the sport, promising an exciting season ahead for enthusiasts.

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