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Cypriots’ Top Concerns: Immigration and Economy

Cypriots are deeply concerned about immigration and the economy as they head into the EU elections, with 41% prioritizing immigration and 40% focusing on economic issues. These worries reflect a heightened awareness of traditional values, such as peace and security, and a conservative approach to social issues, diverging from the average concerns across the EU.

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Coca-Cola HBC Cyprus Advocates for Autism Inclusion

CocaCola HBC Cyprus has deepened its partnership with the Pancyprian Association for Autistic Persons, promoting inclusion through initiatives like involving individuals with autism in the CocaCola Cup Final and educating employees about autism. This collaboration highlights the company’s commitment to equality and acceptance, setting an example for corporate responsibility and community engagement.

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Overhauling the Benefits System for Disabled Individuals

The government in Cyprus plans to separate disabled benefits from the Guaranteed Minimum Income program in order to better address the unique needs of disabled individuals, increase support funds by €60 million, and enhance social inclusion. Deputy Welfare Minister Marilena Evangelou is leading the charge by engaging stakeholders in drafting targeted legislation for a more inclusive benefits policy, signaling a significant commitment to overhauling the current system.

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