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A Glimpse at the Week’s Weather: A Mix of Sun, Dust, and Showers

The week’s weather forecast promises a dynamic mix of sun, dust, and showers, showcasing the Mediterranean climate’s unpredictability. From sunny skies to potential afternoon showers near mountains, temperatures ranging from 33°C inland to 22°C at higher elevations, and winds up to 4 Beaufort, it’s a week of varied weather patterns that keep us on our toes. Nighttime brings clearer skies with a chance of showers along the north coast, with temperatures cooling down to 15°C inland and warmer conditions persisting on the coasts, all amidst light winds and a sea that shifts from calm to slightly rough, creating a serene backdrop for nocturnal activities.

weather showers

Weather Watch: Clouds Gather with a Chance of Showers

Residents of the picturesque island can expect increasing clouds and a chance of isolated showers on Saturday, with mild temperatures reaching up to 22°C inland. Light to moderate winds will persist, with partial clouds and possible showers on Sunday and increased dust levels on Green Monday. Dress in layers and keep an umbrella handy for any outdoor plans.

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