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Giant Sea Turtle Found in Cyprus Makes Waves Among Conservationists

The giant sea turtle found in Cyprus, weighing nearly 90 kilograms, has conservationists buzzing with excitement due to its exceptional size, far surpassing the norm for green sea turtles. Rescued and cared for at Tashkent nature park, this remarkable turtle represents a triumph for environmental preservation and highlights the need to protect endangered species in our oceans.

conservation sea turtles

Urgent Action Needed to Protect Sea Turtles at Parasolia Beach

The sea turtles at Parasolia Beach in Kiti are facing dire threats to their nesting grounds, with stones and beach amenities disrupting their breeding season. Urgent action is needed to clear nesting areas and enforce conservation laws, as community involvement and swift measures from authorities are crucial to protect these majestic creatures.

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The Plight of Cyprus’ Sea Turtles amid Environmental Concerns

Cyprus’ sea turtles face grave threats from microplastic pollution and climate changeinduced gender imbalance, endangering the delicate balance of marine life along the island’s picturesque northern beaches. Conservation efforts, including shading nests and beach cleanups, aim to mitigate these challenges and protect the future of these ancient marine creatures.

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Discover the Beauty of Sea Turtles in North Cyprus

🐢 Discover the beauty of sea turtles in North Cyprus! Endangered Green Turtles and Loggerhead Turtles have been coming to these shores for thousands of years to lay their eggs. Alagadi Beach is a prime spot for observing sea turtles and witnessing their hatching process 🌊 Learn about the egglaying process, conservation efforts, and how you can support sea turtle research. Follow the link in our bio for more information! seaturtles NorthCyprus conservation 🌴🐢🌊

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