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fire hazard school safety

A Blaze at Konia Primary School: Decorative Tires Ignite

The fire at Konia Primary School in Paphos started from decorative tires used as flower containers and quickly spread, requiring the prompt response of fire services to extinguish the blaze. The incident serves as a cautionary tale about the potential dangers of repurposing everyday items in ways that may pose unexpected risks, prompting authorities to conduct a thorough investigation to prevent similar incidents in the future.

urban planning school safety

Crazy Parking Spots Near Primary School

Recent parking space redesignations near Dasoupolis elementary school in Strovolos have raised safety concerns due to narrowed roads, posing a risk for traffic accidents, especially for school buses. The community urges local authorities to reassess and potentially reorganize these parking spots for the safety of drivers, pedestrians, and students.

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