sanctions evasion

money laundering sanctions evasion

Call for Money-Laundering Clampdown in North

Cyprus is ramping up efforts to combat money laundering and sanctions evasion with plans to establish an independent oversight body following a call to action by the Cyprus Integrity Forum. The government is collaborating with US authorities, such as the FBI, to enhance antimoney laundering capabilities and prevent illicit financial flows, particularly in the northern part of the island.

money laundering sanctions evasion

Cyprus MEPs Under Scrutiny for Alleged Sanctions Evasion

Cyprus MEPs are accused of aiding in sanctions evasion and money laundering, which has sparked intense debate in the European Parliament. The ‘Cyprus Confidential’ reports have shed light on these allegations, leading to calls for action, accountability, and the strengthening of antimoney laundering defenses within the EU.

sanctions evasion investigations

Navigating Legal Challenges in Sanctions Evasion Cases

Cyprus is determined to tackle sanctions evasion, despite facing legal complexities and international scrutiny. Efforts include a specialized police force, proactive measures by the banking sector, and increased staff for sanctions violations, while the legal and accountancy sectors diligently ensure compliance and refer cases for investigation.

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