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Cyprus 7s Triumphs in Montenegro

Cyprus Rugby 7s dominated in the Montenegro Rugby Europe Sevens Conference 2 Championships, triumphing with a 1912 victory over Slovakia in the finals. Led by Head Coach Marko Mladenovic, the team displayed a blend of seasoned talent and strategic play to secure the championship title, marking a glorious beginning on their road to success in the international rugby arena.

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Excitement Builds as Cyprus 7s Squad Sets Sights on London Tournament

The Cyprus 7s rugby team is gearing up for the LIT7s Series Event in London on 18 May 2024, where they will compete against 32 global teams at the Eton Manor RFC in intense rugby sevens matches. With their dynamic play and tactical prowess, the team is expected to leave a lasting mark on the tournament, showcasing their athleticism and passion for the sport.

rugby cyprus

Mouflons Prepare for Showdown Against Old Rivals Malta

In a thrilling rugby showdown, the Mouflons of Cyprus are gearing up to face off against their archrivals Malta in Limassol. This match is not just a game but a chance for the Mouflons to redeem themselves and potentially secure the top spot in their pool, making it a mustwatch event for rugby fans everywhere.

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Mouflons beaten by old rivals Malta

In the recent Europe Rugby XV Conference Pool D match, Malta emerged victorious against the Cyprus national rugby team, known as the Mouflons, with a final score that reflected Malta’s strong defense and successful efforts to maintain their lead despite the Mouflons’ secondhalf comeback. Despite their commendable efforts, the Mouflons were unable to secure a win, but they will regroup and return for future matches.

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