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South African Property Giant Invests in Nicosia Malls

Pareto Limited’s investment in Nicosia malls, the Mall of Cyprus, and the Mall of Engomi, showcases confidence in Cyprus’s retail sector and a vision for global expansion. By swapping debt for direct stakes, Pareto aims to utilize its property expertise to drive growth and introduce innovative retail experiences to Europe, reflecting its success in South Africa.

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Lidl Cyprus Triumphs as ‘Retail Business of the Year’

Lidl Cyprus was named ‘Retail Business of the Year’ at the Cyprus Retail and Sales Awards, showcasing their dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction. With a focus on collaborative work culture and technological advancements, Lidl Cyprus has set new industry benchmarks and emerged as a leader in the retail sector.

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A Journey Through Bale Shoes Stores

Discover the best shoes and bags at Bale Shoes! With four locations across Northern Cyprus, including Güzelyurt, Nicosia, Famagusta, and Kyrenia, Bale Shoes offers a wide variety of products from wellknown brands like Clarks and Greyder. Enjoy seasonal sales and discounts, and shop for your favorite items at more attractive prices. Don’t miss out on a delightful shopping experience at Bale Shoes!

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