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Resignation of Turgay Avci from Yodak Chairmanship

Turgay Avci resigned from his position as Yodak Chairman due to corruption allegations involving bribery and forged diplomas at Cyprus Health and Social Sciences University, aiming to protect the organization’s integrity. The scandal led to criminal charges, including Avci’s arrest, prompting a call for his resignation by Turkish Cypriot Leader Ersin Tatar to pave the way for a new untainted leadership structure within Yodak.

budgetary irregularities resignation demands

Unrest in the North: Parliament Speaker Faces Resignation Demands

Opposition members are demanding the resignation of Parliament Speaker Zorlu Tore due to uncovered budget irregularities, including allowances for fuel allocated to outofservice vehicles, and his refusal to address financial inconsistencies. They are calling for a thorough investigation and a halt to budget approval until accountability is ensured.

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