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Renewal of Kyrenia Promenade Underway

Renovations of Kyrenia’s sea promenade and old harbour are underway, focusing on enhancing vibrancy, safety, and historical appeal. With plans to transform the area into a welcoming public space and preserve cultural heritage, the project aims to revitalize the coastal town and ensure completion of infrastructure improvements.

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Paphos Hospital Undergoes Major Renovation

The Paphos Hospital is undergoing a €5.79 million renovation project funded by the EU, aimed at modernizing departments and adding new facilities like a labour and delivery room and a haemodialysis unit, with completion set for Q2 2024. This transformation will elevate healthcare services and enhance the patient experience, marking a significant advancement in medical care within the district.

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Paphos Announces Over €9m in ‘Historic’ Renovations

Paphos has announced a €9 million investment in historic renovations to revitalize the town, with initiatives including the restoration of historical structures and open spaces, the regeneration of the commercial center, and the integration of Paphos’ historical narrative into daily life. The 15month timeline aims to enhance cultural preservation and community engagement, marking a new chapter in the town’s rich heritage and promising a harmonious blend of history, culture, and modernity.

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