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Cyprus and Greece Team Up for Environmental Sustainability

Cyprus and Greece are joining forces to improve environmental sustainability by focusing on urban waste management, recycling systems, and the conservation of Natura 2000 sites. Through collaborative efforts, the two nations are aiming to align their policies with EU directives and engage government, citizens, and businesses for a greener, more sustainable future.

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Pay-As-You-Throw Approach: A Consideration for Household Waste

In a bid to boost recycling rates and curb waste production, Cyprus is pondering the introduction of a PayAsYouThrow (PAYT) waste management system. While aiming to align fees with current costs, concerns arise over potential financial burdens on larger households and the imperative need for a collaborative approach towards a more sustainable future.

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Cyprus Nearly Tops EU List of Waste Production

Cyprus ranks as the fifthhighest producer of waste in the EU, generating 673 kilograms per person annually, exceeding the EU average of 513 kilograms. The country’s reliance on landfills highlights the urgent need for improved waste management strategies to address the environmental impact.

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