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Recovery of Heatstroke-Affected Conscripts Shows Promise

The recovery of heatstrokeaffected conscripts is progressing well, with positive signs of improvement reported for both young servicemen. The 17yearold airlifted to Paris is emerging from a coma, while the 18yearold, also battling COVID19, has been removed from ventilation and is now coherent. Proactive measures and assessments are underway to ensure conscript safety moving forward.

fuel pricing transparency real-time price monitoring

An Enhanced Approach to Fuel Pricing Transparency in South Cyprus

South Cyprus’s Energy Ministry has introduced two measures for fuel pricing transparency. The first is a realtime price monitoring system on the ministry’s website, which ranks 295 gas stations based on pricing. The second is a mobile app called ‘Map Cyprus’, which provides hourly updates and allows users to identify the ten cheapest gas stations in their vicinity using GPS technology. These platforms aim to foster competition and aid consumers in making more informed decisions.

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