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environmental sustainability hazardous waste disposal

Household Hazardous Waste Separation Law Incoming

Starting January 2025, residents must separate hazardous materials like electronics, batteries, and pharmaceuticals from regular waste, aiming to mitigate environmental and health risks. Public education campaigns and expanded collection facilities support this regulation, promoting a circular economy and responsible waste management.

environmental conservation beekeeping

First Bee Park Opened on State Land

The first Bee Park on state land at Athalassa Park in Nicosia is a unique sanctuary dedicated to bees, highlighting their crucial role in ecosystems and promoting environmental stewardship. With interactive exhibits and strategic support for beekeepers, the park serves as an educational hub for visitors of all ages to learn about bees and the importance of pollinator conservation.

diabetes prevalence public awareness

Diabetes Prevalence in Cyprus: A Growing Concern

Diabetes affects 12.7% of Cyprus’s population, exceeding the global average of 10.5%. The Cypriot government is enhancing public awareness, revising national strategies for prevention and treatment, and improving services through EUfunded projects. Upgrades to diabetic clinics and advancements in care technology are key measures being implemented.

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