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Minister Pledges Action Over Prison Escape

Justice Minister Marios Hartsiotis vows to strengthen prison security following an escape in Nicosia, with plans for a thorough investigation and increased vigilance. The escape of a Syrian national from the Nicosia central prisons prompts questions about security protocols and a commitment to prevent future breaches.

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Crime Openly Organised from Prison

Criminals in Cyprus central prisons are using contraband smartphones to coordinate crimes, including ordering hits from behind bars. Despite efforts to address this issue, technological advancements challenge authorities to intercept these communications effectively, highlighting the need for enhanced security measures.

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Prison Guard Arrested for Drug Possession

A 58yearold prison guard was arrested for drug possession while en route to his work shift, highlighting vulnerabilities within the correctional system. The guard has been suspended pending further inquiry, and the incident has prompted intensified checks and a commitment to upholding legal and ethical standards to ensure community safety and system integrity.

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