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Pensions and Privileges: A Look at Cyprus’ Retired Leaders’ Benefits

Former leaders in Cyprus receive generous retirement benefits, including a state pension, a chauffeurdriven limousine, and a monthly allowance for secretarial services. These perks, costing taxpayers approximately €700,000 annually, have sparked controversy for their excessive nature and the contrast they create with the average citizen’s retirement benefits.

government-audit service tensions financial irregularities

President Nikos Christodoulides Refutes Allegations of Attacking Audit Service

President Nikos Christodoulides has fervently denied allegations made by the audit service, including engaging in a campaign to discredit their work, receiving excessive foreign travel stipends and car mileage funds, misusing state resources, and obstructing access to the presidential residence. The audit service has published troubling findings regarding his finances, demanding that he return funds and provide clarity on expenses, while also raising concerns about the transportation of the president’s children by police and being denied access to inspect the presidential residence during renovations. Legal proceedings have been initiated to address these concerns.

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