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Rising Poverty Challenges in Cyprus During Easter Celebrations

The rising poverty in Cyprus is casting a shadow over Easter celebrations, as families struggle to afford basic necessities like bread and milk. Charities like the Pancyprian Volunteers Council (Psse) are facing dwindling donations amidst the increasing cost of living, highlighting the crucial need for community support in these challenging times.

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The Plight of Women in Extreme Poverty: A UN Perspective

Conclusion: The UN’s perspective on the plight of women in extreme poverty sheds light on the ongoing global gender disparities. Efforts towards gender equality, highlighted by the law commissioner office committee in Cyprus, underscore the importance of education, empowerment, and international support in combatting discrimination and poverty.

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Economic Disparity in Northern Cyprus Deepens

Northern Cyprus is grappling with deepening economic disparity, as 15% of the population lives below the poverty line and the income gap widens. The stagnant GDP, high inflation, and vanishing middle class further exacerbate the situation, impacting social structures and democratic processes.

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