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Police Vigilance Heightens During Easter

Police vigilance intensifies during Easter holidays with increased checks, patrols, and residential searches to ensure public safety. This includes arresting individuals for possessing firecrackers and explosives, vehicle inspections uncovering illegal items, and thwarting attempted arson near churches, all aimed at deterring unlawful activities and maintaining a secure environment.

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Intense Police Vigilance to Counter Criminal Activity

In a concentrated effort to thwart criminal activities, the police force is implementing systematic patrols, inspecting suspicious behavior, and swiftly responding to citizen reports. These proactive measures have led to numerous arrests for offenses ranging from possession of weapons to drugrelated crimes across various regions of the island.

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Kyiv to Tighten Security After Ballistic Missile Attacks

Kyiv is tightening security measures after ballistic missile attacks by overhauling defense strategies, seeking additional air defense systems from Western allies, and raising public awareness for increased vigilance against infiltration threats. The city’s response plan includes reinforced security at public events and proactive steps to ensure the safety of its citizens, highlighting the need for collective action in the face of ongoing aggression.

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