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Dollars and Sense: Navigating the Personal Finance Jungle

Embark on your financial adventure armed with SMART goals, a meticulous budget, and an emergency fund safety net. Navigate the investment landscape wisely, diversify your portfolio, and embrace longterm wealthbuilding strategies. Master debt management with dedication, prioritize repayments, and watch your financial potential soar with technology and compound interest magic. Explore the jungle of personal finance with confidence and determination to achieve your financial dreams.

consumer prices inflation

Consumers face steep price increases, association reports

In March 2024, Cyprus consumers faced steep price increases in essential goods, with olive oil prices surging by 61.7%. The Consumer Price Index highlighted that painting services and fresh fruit and potatoes also saw rises of 14.9%, 14.5%, and 12.4% respectively, while prices for other edible oils, sugar, and garden furniture dropped by 18.9%, 17.6%, and 11.8%. These fluctuations reflect the challenges consumers face in managing their budgets amidst economic volatility, requiring careful planning and adaptation to navigate the changing financial landscape.

public finance performance strategic budgeting approach

Proposals to Reform the Government Budgetary Framework

In Cyprus, economists Charalambous and Pissarides propose a strategic shift in the government budget framework. Their reforms aim to enhance accountability, improve resource allocation, and align with EU fiscal targets for economic and social balance, setting the stage for longterm planning and sustainable growth.

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