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Growing Friendships Across the Divide

The Cyprus Friendship Programme (CFP) unites Greek and Turkish Cypriot teenagers through activities like public speaking and cultural exchanges to foster peace and understanding. With over 100 participants annually, the program aims to bridge the gap between divided communities in Cyprus and the US, creating a tapestry of unity in a oncedivided homeland.

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UN Envoy Maria Holguin’s Diplomatic Visits to the UK and Cyprus

UN Envoy Maria Holguin’s diplomatic visits to the UK and Cyprus aim to strengthen ties and pursue peace by engaging with guarantor nations and local leaders to address the political situation in Cyprus. These strategic discussions are crucial in facilitating understanding and progress towards a lasting peace agreement between the divided communities on the island.

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Cyprus Problem ‘Is Still Solvable’

The Cyprus problem, a longstanding challenge, is still solvable according to the head of Unficyp, Colin Stewart. Recent positive developments, including improved GreeceTurkey relations and the appointment of a personal envoy, offer a unique opportunity for resolution, but urgency is emphasized due to the limited time to act.

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