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Enhancing the Peace Process in Cyprus: New Strategies and Perspectives

In her innovative approach, UN personal envoy Maria Angela Holguin engages with a wide range of stakeholders in Cyprus, from political leaders to civil society, to break the deadlock and pave the way for sustainable peace. By prioritizing grassroots insights and pressuring decisionmakers for bold action, Holguin aims to catalyze a transformative shift in the peace process, offering a glimmer of hope for a resolution in the longstanding conflict.

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New Christodoulides Holguin Meeting Scheduled

President Nikos Christodoulides and UN Envoy Maria Angela Holguin are set to meet on March 11 to reignite peace talks for Cyprus, following a pause in Crans Montana. The goal is to foster constructive dialogue and work towards a stable and peaceful resolution for the island.

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Bridging Divides: Cypriot Political Parties Look to Northern Ireland for Peace Inspiration

Cypriot political parties recently visited Northern Ireland to learn from its successful peace process, seeking insights from experienced peacemakers to apply to Cyprus’s own efforts towards peace and unity. Representatives from both sides of the Cyprus divide came together to understand the intricacies of the Northern Ireland peace process, with Irish diplomat Tim O’Connor and Northern Ireland Assembly Speaker Alex Maskey sharing valuable perspectives on resolving conflicts and implementing peace agreements.

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