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medicine illegal operations

Alert on Illegal Hair Transplant Operations

Illegal hair transplant operations in Northern Cyprus have raised serious health concerns, with unauthorized clinics offering risky procedures by untrained individuals. A recent crackdown by authorities revealed the dangers of such practices, emphasizing the importance of seeking treatments from licensed professionals to ensure patient safety.

mental health patient safety

Patient Allegedly Beaten at Athalassa Hospital

A patient in his thirties at Athalassa psychiatric hospital was allegedly assaulted by staff, prompting a police investigation after his mother reported bruises. The incident highlights the importance of strict patient safety measures and accountability in healthcare settings.

hospital fire patient safety

Hospital Fire Leads to Patient in ICU and Prompt Evacuation

A fire at Athalassa psychiatric hospital was allegedly caused by a patient setting his mattress on fire, resulting in his ICU admission and prompting the evacuation of the ward. Nurses bravely assisted in the evacuation, and investigations are currently underway to determine the cause and address concerns over patient safety protocols.

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