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Police Investigating New Case of Online Fraud

The police in Limassol are investigating a case where a 48yearold individual fell victim to invoice fraud, losing an alarming €178,500 in the process. The scam involved receiving a fake email from a car dealership with altered bank details, leading to the victim making two hefty transfers before realizing the deception.

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Online Fraud: A Growing Threat to Digital Security

Online fraud is becoming a prominent threat in the digital world, with scammers targeting unsuspecting individuals for financial gain. A recent case involving a 56yearold woman highlights the dangers of falling for online scams, emphasizing the importance of vigilance and cybersecurity measures to protect oneself from such deceitful practices.

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Online Fraud: A Cautionary Tale

The cautionary tale from Limassol serves as a stark reminder of the dangers of online fraud. A 60yearold resident fell victim to a scammer who manipulated empathy through an innocent text message, resulting in a loss of over €55,000. It underscores the importance of verifying identities, avoiding sharing personal financial information online, and staying vigilant against red flags in financial requests to protect oneself from cyber fraud.

fraud online fraud

Police investigating new case of online fraud

A Limassolbased company fell victim to an online fraud scheme where fraudsters manipulated invoices, causing the company to lose over €45,000. The police are currently investigating the incident and advising businesses to verify payment details and educate their staff on fraud prevention measures.

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