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fireworks regulations public safety

Ministers Meet to Enhance Fireworks Regulations

Ministers Maria Panayiotou and Marios Hartsiotis have revoked all fireworks permits and are collaborating with stakeholders to enhance regulations after recent fires near Limassol and Paphos. Immediate action is being taken to ensure public safety through stringent examination for new permits and the establishment of a comprehensive framework for the future management of fireworks.

money theft arrests

Arrests in Morphou for Money Theft at a Local Store

In Morphou, a 25yearold woman and a 31yearold man were arrested for stealing money from a local store’s cash register. The police identified and intercepted their vehicle due to its description, leading to their capture. The suspects were also linked to another theft case involving construction machinery.

fatal collision hit-and-run

Fatal Collision in Paphos: A Detailed Look

A tragic road accident occurred in the Paphos district where resident Goga Partsvania was hit while crossing Ikarou Street. The driver involved fled the scene, leaving Partsvania severely injured. A 24yearold man later surrendered to the police, claiming to be the driver involved in the accident. The incident is still under investigation.

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