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Discovering Famagusta: A Journey Through Time

Discovering Famagusta: A Journey Through Time Visiting Famagusta offers a journey through time, echoing the grandeur of its medieval past. It is a microcosm of Cyprus’s history, housing a concentration of historical landmarks and artifacts. Moreover, it’s a bustling university city with a vibrant young population. Key activities include strolling in the medieval old town, shopping for unique souvenirs, experiencing local flavors at Bandabuliya on Namık Kemal Piazza, and enjoying a sunset walk around Laguna Beach Marina. Famagusta charms you, slowly but surely. It’s a city that grows on you, its allure intensifying with each passing moment. Once you set foot here, you’ll find it hard to leave behind the majesty and beauty of this city. Its historical grandeur, coupled with the vitalizing bustle of modern life, creates a captivating blend that leaves an indelible impression on its visitors.

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Near East University Hospital: A High-Tech Healthcare Facility in North Cyprus

Looking for a hightech medical facility that offers comprehensive medical services under one roof? Look no further than Near East University Hospital in North Cyprus! With 36 specialized units and an International Patient Coordination Center, this hospital is dedicated to providing personalized care to patients from around the world. From dermatology to oncology, Near East University Hospital offers cuttingedge medical services to more than 200 patients. Plan your visit today by clicking the link in our bio!

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