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Protecting Pattichio Park: A Call to Action Against Illegal Development

The Larnaca Salt Lake Wetland Protection Group is fighting against illegal development in Pattichio Park, Cyprus, demanding enforcement of environmental laws and restoration plans to protect this Natura 2000 site. The group’s plea for transparency and balance between urban development and ecological preservation highlights the urgent need to safeguard this vital green space for the community.

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Environmental Tensions Rise Over Monastery Construction in Ayia Napa

Construction of a new monastery in Ayia Napa’s Natura 2000 site has sparked environmental concerns due to lack of proper sanctions, potentially damaging biodiversity. The incident underscores the tensions between development and environmental conservation, highlighting the importance of preserving protected areas for the benefit of rare species and habitats.

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Urgent Review Called for of Larnaca Park

An urgent review is called for Larnaca’s Pattichion Park due to environmental concerns over proposed development plans. Conservationists demand a special ecological assessment to prevent irreversible harm to the park, which is part of the Natura 2000 network and home to diverse flora and fauna, including migratory birds.

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The Monumental Olive Trees of Kalkanli

Summary: The Monumental Olive Trees of Kalkanli, located on the North West coast of Cyprus, are nearly 2000 ancient olive trees. Many of the trees, believed to have been planted during the Lusignan period in the 1200s, are over 500 years old, with the oldest ones being over 800 years old. They’re protected under the Natura 2000 initiative by the European Union due to their ecological value, and are a notable attraction for tourists. This area serves as a living testament to the rich history of the island and stands as a remarkable emblem of endurance and longevity.

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