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Unveiling Cyprus Through Myth and Technology

The Heartland of Legends (HoL) app in Cyprus is an augmented reality travel guide that brings myths to life, guiding users through 20 villages with interactive stories and “digital dragons” by artist Hambis Tsangaris. It offers an immersive experience into the island’s cultural heritage and traditions, showcasing a blend of art and technology in a unique and captivating way.

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Mythology, Folklore, and Politics Converge in Art

“Origins” at Minthis Resort is an art exhibition featuring three generations of artists, Stass Paraskos, Margaret Paraskos, and Emilio Koutsoftides, weaving together mythology, folklore, and modern politics to reflect the evolving Cypriot identity. The exhibit creates a visual tapestry of stories that transcend time, inviting viewers to explore the rich cultural heritage and contemporary expressions of Cyprus.

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Discovering the Enchantment of Aphrodite’s Rock

Aphrodite’s Rock, also known as Petra Tou Romiou, is the birthplace of the Greek Goddess Aphrodite. Legends suggest that swimming around it thrice under a full moon can grant true love, making it a popular destination for visitors seeking romance, beauty, or a touch of mythical allure.

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