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Delay in ‘Golden Passports’ Case as Judge No-Shows

The trial on Cyprus’ ‘golden passports’ scheme was delayed due to the absence of a judge at the Nicosia criminal court. This unexpected delay came as the court was about to finalize the charge sheet for the four defendants implicated in the corruption scandal exposed by an Al Jazeera documentary.


Examining the Integrity of Football: Ethics Committee Takes on Match Fixing

The sports ethics committee is actively addressing match fixing by scrutinizing red notices and proposing legislative amendments to empower comprehensive inquiries into manipulation of championships. These efforts are part of a global initiative, involving monitoring systems, educational programs, and a commitment to sports integrity. The future of football relies on robust frameworks to prevent corruption and ensure fair play.

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Mouflons beaten by old rivals Malta

In the recent Europe Rugby XV Conference Pool D match, Malta emerged victorious against the Cyprus national rugby team, known as the Mouflons, with a final score that reflected Malta’s strong defense and successful efforts to maintain their lead despite the Mouflons’ secondhalf comeback. Despite their commendable efforts, the Mouflons were unable to secure a win, but they will regroup and return for future matches.

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Detailed Arrangements for the Omonia vs Apollon football match

On November 4, 2023, the Omonia vs Apollon football match will take place at the GSP Stadium in Nicosia. The stadium gates will open at 17:00, with special ticket verification checks in place for minors. Omonia fans will occupy the West, North, and East stands, while Apollon fans will be in the South stand. Safety guidelines, such as bans on dangerous items and alcohol, will be enforced, and police presence will be provided for spectators’ safety.

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The Persistent European Commission and the Scandal of the “Golden” Passports

The European Commission is expressing ongoing dissatisfaction with Cyprus’s slow revocation process of “golden” passports, which were granted inappropriately and illegally under the Investment Programme. Cyprus is facing 70 noncompliance cases against EU directives and regulations, putting it at risk of hefty fines. The Commission has been issuing warning letters about the scandal since 2015, and has now escalated the matter by sending a reasoned opinion, the final step before referring a country to the European Court. Cyprus is also facing challenges in environmental matters, labor issues, and refugeemigration management.

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