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The Plight of Fterikoudes: Mukhtar Speaks Out

The Osiou Avakoum monastery scandal has caused a downturn in businesses and halted community initiatives in Fterikoudes, leading to uncertainty and legal battles involving suspended monks. Mukhtar Modestos Iacovou laments the impact on the village, urging for the monastery’s reopening to restore its economic and social role in the community.

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Scandal Shakes Cypriot Monastery to Its Core

The scandal rocking the Osiou Avvakoum monastery in Cyprus involves two monks caught with €800,000 and compromising footage, sparking a national debate on morality and transparency. President Nikos Christodoulides has pledged a thorough investigation to uphold justice and the rule of law, highlighting the gravity of the situation and the necessity for swift accountability.

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Unsettling Monastery Incident Raises Concerns

The disturbing video from Osiou Avakoum monastery, showing a monk assaulting a woman, has sparked outrage and raised concerns about conduct within religious institutions. Authorities are investigating the violent incident, highlighting a stark contrast to the monastery’s peaceful reputation.

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Emergency Meeting Over Alleged Misconduct at Monastery

The emergency meeting regarding alleged misconduct at the Osiou Avvakoum monastery has sent shockwaves through the serene village of Fterikoudi, with two monks implicated in possessing a large sum of money and questionable recordings. The scandal has prompted an urgent investigation into the monastery’s finances and spurred discussions on ethical behavior and consequences within the religious community.

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