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Measles Toddler ‘Out of Danger’

A sigh of relief in Nicosia as a toddler with measles is now ‘out of danger’ and stable at Makarios hospital. Concerns over low vaccination rates in Cyprus linger, posing a risk to individual and community health amidst the recent spike in measles cases across Europe.

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Addressing the Conundrums of Covid-19 Vaccination

The controversy over Covid19 vaccines continues to raise questions about side effects, protection levels, and ethical concerns. Transparency in public health communication and ongoing scientific research are crucial to address lingering hesitancy and misinformation surrounding vaccination efforts.

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Misinformation Sparks Outrage in Northern Administration

Misinformation recently sparked outrage in the northern administration when a manipulated video of Interior Minister Dursun Oguz discussing property sales was spread on social media, falsely suggesting he questioned the state’s existence. In response, the ministry is taking action by enacting legislation to prevent unregistered property transactions and combat misinformation, emphasizing the importance of transparency and accuracy in its operations.

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