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Government Denies Involvement in Israeli Air Exercise

The Cypriot government has denied partaking in an Israeli air force exercise simulating a counterstrike to an Iranian airstrike. Government spokesman Konstantinos Letymbiotis emphasized Cyprus’s policy of neutrality and peace in regional conflicts, reinforcing the nation’s stance on avoiding military engagements.

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Cyprus Demonstrates Dedication to Regional Peace

Cyprus, under Defence Minister Vasilis Palmas, leads multinational military exercises to promote regional peace and emergency preparedness, showcasing its key role in regional security and humanitarian cooperation. The nation has demonstrated its commitment to aiding in the repatriation of individuals from crises and managing the high influx of asylum seekers, positioning Cyprus as a pivotal hub for regional stability and cooperation.

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Greek Soldiers Injured in Cyprus Military Exercise

The Greek soldiers from the elite Hellenic Force were injured in Stavrovouni, Cyprus, during a military exercise due to a grenade explosion. They were hospitalized with serious injuries caused by shrapnel but are expected to recover fully. An investigation is underway to prevent similar incidents and enhance safety measures for future drills.

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