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Tackling Migrant Smuggling: Cyprus Intensifies Efforts Amid Surge

Cyprus is ramping up efforts to combat migrant smuggling, bolstering police forces and cooperating with Lebanese authorities to address the root issues behind the surge in arrivals. The country is considering using army camps for migrant accommodation and engaging in regional dialogues for a more comprehensive strategy in tackling the challenges posed by migrant smuggling.

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Government Pledge to Get Tough on Illegal Migration

Cyprus is taking a tough stance on illegal migration by establishing a special police unit, imposing stricter penalties for smuggling, enhancing international cooperation, and implementing a prepaid card system for asylum benefits. The government is also advocating for the reassessment of Syria’s safety status in Europe and has made legislative updates to streamline migration management processes.

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Migrant Arrival Surge Leads to Arrest of Suspected Smugglers

Cypriot authorities responded to a surge in migrant arrivals near Cape Greco by arresting two individuals for people smuggling. They are implementing stricter measures, including registering migrants, transferring them to the Pournara reception center, and taking legal action against smugglers, in order to address the issue.

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Justice Minister Advocates for Global Strategy to Combat Migrant Smuggling

Cyprus’s Justice Minister, Anna Procopiou, advocates for a global strategy to combat migrant smuggling at the International Conference on a Global Alliance to Counter Migrant Smuggling. She emphasizes international cooperation, stringent punitive measures against traffickers, the use of technology to disrupt smuggling networks, and the formation of a global coalition for shared insights and coordinated response.

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