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Measles Prevention and Vaccination Efforts in Northern Cyprus

Northern Cyprus has successfully prevented measles cases through disciplined, timely vaccinations for children, achieving a notable public health milestone with no reported cases. Health minister Hakan Dincyurek emphasized the importance of achieving at least a 95% vaccination coverage to protect the community from preventable diseases like measles.

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Toddlers with measles released from hospital

Two young children, aged 17 months and 22 months, have been released from Makarios Hospital after being treated for measles, highlighting the importance of vaccination in protecting toddlers from severe complications. A sevenmonthold infant remains in hospital care, emphasizing the risks measles poses to young children and the need for increased vaccination coverage.

measles vaccination

Measles Toddler ‘Out of Danger’

A sigh of relief in Nicosia as a toddler with measles is now ‘out of danger’ and stable at Makarios hospital. Concerns over low vaccination rates in Cyprus linger, posing a risk to individual and community health amidst the recent spike in measles cases across Europe.

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