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Maternity Leave Reform on the Horizon

The proposed maternity leave extension bill set to be voted on in the House plenum includes extending leave to 22 weeks for firsttime mothers, with immediate effect for current beneficiaries and provisions for premature birth and adoption leave extensions, estimated to cost between €4.1 to €4.4 million annually. This legislative move is seen as a significant step in supporting working families, underlining the government’s commitment to providing essential family support mechanisms within the workforce.

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Maternity Leave Extension Bill Submitted to Parliament

The Maternity Leave Extension Bill presented in Parliament aims to increase leave for firsttime and surrogate mothers to 22 weeks, and adopting mothers to 20 weeks. The bill also includes an extra eight weeks of leave if the newborn requires hospitalization, emphasizing the importance of parental presence during challenging times.

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Addressing Labour Shortages and Enhancing Maternity Leave in Cyprus

Proposed amendments in Cyprus seek to extend maternity leave to 22 weeks for first child by birth/surrogacy and 20 weeks for first child by adoption, with potential extensions for premature or hospitalized infants. Labour advisory committee to discuss labour shortages and pivotal labour regulations, including potential employment of thirdcountry nationals and electronic declaration of terms of employment. These progressive amendments reflect a move towards familyfriendly policies and a modernization of Cyprus’ labour laws.

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Maternity and Paternity Leave Set for a Boost

The Cypriot government is extending maternity leave from 18 to 22 weeks and introducing an eightweek paid paternity leave, aiming to support parents in balancing work and family life, while promoting gender equality and empowering women. President Nikos Christodoulides highlighted the government’s efforts to create a more accommodating environment for women, increase gender diversity in decisionmaking processes, and address violence against women, including signing a memorandum of understanding with the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry to promote gender equality within the business community.

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