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Police Seek Suspect in Limassol Shooting Incident

In the Limassol shooting incident, an unidentified attacker targeted a 61yearold businessman’s vehicle, sparking a manhunt for a 63yearold suspect and another unnamed individual. With motives unclear and suspects at large, the community remains on edge, prompting a call for public cooperation and heightened security measures in the area.

manhunt attempted murder

Police Continue Manhunt for Attempted Murder Suspects

Police in Nicosia are actively pursuing suspects involved in an attempted murder case following a ruthless shooting on the road between Paleochori and Anthoupolis. The victim is in critical condition at the ICU, and authorities are analyzing forensic evidence and CCTV footage to identify the assailants, urging the public to share any information that could lead to their arrest.

escape manhunt

Police Search for Escaped Inmate

Summary: Police are actively searching for an escaped inmate who fled custody during transport. A high alert manhunt is underway, with increased patrols, roadblocks, and K9 units deployed to track the fugitive. Public cooperation is essential, with hotlines and online platforms established for anonymous tips.

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