legislative amendments

lawmakers legislative amendments

Lawmakers Restrict Water Rate Increases by Local Authorities

Lawmakers have passed legislation to prevent local authorities from independently raising water rates beyond a certain threshold, ensuring state oversight to protect consumers from excessive fee hikes. These changes aim to maintain government control over essential utility charges and prevent financial burdens on the public.

asylum application process legislative amendments

Asylum Application Process Contested in Cyprus

Proposed legislation in Cyprus aims to shorten asylum application and appeal timeframes, facing opposition over concerns for constitutional rights and financial burdens on asylum seekers. The changes are intended to manage migrant flows more effectively, but compliance with the EU legal framework is necessary to ensure access to justice for asylum seekers.

security measures legislative amendments

Enhanced Security Measures for Sports Events in Cyprus

Cyprus is implementing enhanced security measures for sports events, including graduated penalties for venue violence, mandatory surveillance systems, increased police presence, fan screenings, and the strengthening of the fan card system. These measures aim to create a safer sports environment and deter potential disturbances, ensuring the safety of spectators and players.

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