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Privacy Concerns Arise Over Illicitly Shared Monastery CCTV Footage

The leaked CCTV footage from Osiou Avakoum monastery has sparked privacy and legal concerns over unauthorized release and potential legal infringement, raising questions about surveillance laws and the intrusive nature of audio recording. Data Protection Commissioner Irene Loizidou Nicolaidou emphasized the need to balance security with privacy rights, highlighting the legal ramifications of distributing such footage online.

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Greek Cypriot Arrested for Alleged Assault of Hitchhiker

A 69yearold Greek Cypriot man was arrested for the alleged sexual assault of a 20yearold male hitchhiker on Near East Boulevard outside northern Nicosia. The man forcibly touched and assaulted the victim after offering a ride, leading to his arrest at the Ledras Street crossing point after the victim filed a police report.

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