legal entanglements

maritime infrastructure legal entanglements

Navigating the Larnaca Marina and Port Development Standstill

The Larnaca marina and port development project is currently stalled due to legal disputes and financial disagreements, with key stakeholders set to meet at the Presidential Palace for a crucial discussion on moving forward. President Nikos Christodoulides will lead the talks to resolve the developmental deadlock and ensure adherence to the original plans for the project.

real estate property market

Property Sellers Left in Limbo by Elusive Buyers

Property sellers in Cyprus are facing challenges with elusive buyers who fail to meet contractual obligations, leaving sellers in legal and financial distress. Developers are left in limbo, bearing taxes and expenses while awaiting property transfer, exacerbating the financial strain on their businesses.

justice accountability

An Unresolved Tragedy: The Fight for Justice in Andreas Loizou’s Case

The fight for justice in Andreas Loizou’s case seeks accountability for his untimely death in a road accident, with his family demanding fairness and transparency amidst allegations of deceit and a potential coverup. Despite the tragic loss of the young man, the legal battle persists, highlighting the family’s quest for truth and closure in the face of a justice system that seems reluctant to provide answers.

religious institutions scandal

Synod Approves Avakoum Monastery Amid Controversy

The Avakoum Monastery’s approval by the Holy Synod has sparked controversy due to allegations of unethical conduct, illegal activities, and privacy law violations. Ongoing investigations by both ecclesiastical and civil authorities are underway to address potential financial misconduct, cases of violence, and sexual harassment within the monastery.

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