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real estate legal controversy

Tensions at the Border: Prominent Israeli Developer Arrested

Israeli developer Simon Mistriel Aykut was arrested in Cyprus for suspected property development on Greek Cypriotowned land, shedding light on ongoing tensions in the region. Aykut, a key figure in the Afik Group with projects in Trikomo, was detained at a checkpoint, marking a significant event amidst legal complexities and political sensitivities on the divided island.

church governance legal controversy

The Legal Controversy Surrounding Osiou Avakoum Monastery

The legal controversy at Osiou Avakoum Monastery centers on allegations of financial irregularities and misconduct by monks, sparking disputes over the legitimacy of the investigative committee. Lawyers argue that the formation of the committee deviates from church protocol, demanding a fair trial aligned with church law to ensure justice for all parties involved.

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