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Consequences of Illegal Fireworks: Trimiklini Incident

The consequences of illegal fireworks in Trimiklini, Cyprus, were devastating, causing widespread panic and environmental damage with 1.5 square kilometers of wild vegetation burned. Two children are facing potential legal repercussions for their actions, sparking discussions on fire safety education and stricter regulations to prevent future incidents and restore the damaged lands.

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Twelve-Year Sentence for Major Cannabis Bust

In Cyprus, a man was sentenced to twelve years in prison for possessing 28 kilograms of cannabis, a harsh consequence of drug trafficking in the country. This case highlights the country’s commitment to combatting the illegal drug trade and maintaining a safe society, with possible sentencing leniency for those who cooperate with authorities.

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Useful Information Regarding the Possession and Use of Fireworks in Cyprus

As the festive season approaches in Cyprus, it is important to remember the legal requirements for possessing and using fireworks. To legally use fireworks, you must obtain a permit from the Explosives Inspector of the Mines Service, ensure they are CE marked, purchase from legal sellers, adhere to age restrictions, and only use them for permitted events. Noncompliance may result in fines or imprisonment. The Cyprus Police have made efforts to crack down on illegal fireworks, and by following the regulations, residents and visitors can enjoy a safe and legally compliant celebration.

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