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Massive Surge in Asylum Application Cases Against Cyprus

Cyprus has witnessed a staggering 472% surge in asylum application legal cases from 2020 to 2023, highlighting the strain on its asylum system despite a slight drop in cases in 2022. The legal service plays a critical role in representing the state in these challenges, with a significant number of appeals originating from individuals from countries deemed safe, shaping the dynamics of migration patterns in the region.

golden passports corruption

Delay in ‘Golden Passports’ Case as Judge No-Shows

The trial on Cyprus’ ‘golden passports’ scheme was delayed due to the absence of a judge at the Nicosia criminal court. This unexpected delay came as the court was about to finalize the charge sheet for the four defendants implicated in the corruption scandal exposed by an Al Jazeera documentary.

migration deputy ministry

Challenges in Establishing the Deputy Ministry of Migration in Cyprus

The challenges in establishing the Deputy Ministry of Migration in Cyprus include legal constitutional concerns, clarification of the legal foundation for decisionmaking, staffing issues, and the need for a solid legal and operational framework. Despite these challenges, the government is moving forward with the legislative process, but unresolved issues cast a shadow on the bill’s future and the success of this initiative will have significant implications for how Cyprus handles migration and asylum.

press freedom legal challenges

Defending Press Freedom: The Trials of Aysemden Akin

Aysemden Akin, a journalist with Bugun Kibris, is facing legal challenges due to her reporting. She is being sued by a religious sect she exposed in northern Cyprus and is also involved in a separate legal case in Turkey for her political commentary. These cases are indicative of the larger issue of intimidation and pressure faced by Turkish Cypriot journalists, which compromises press freedom.

sanctions evasion investigations

Navigating Legal Challenges in Sanctions Evasion Cases

Cyprus is determined to tackle sanctions evasion, despite facing legal complexities and international scrutiny. Efforts include a specialized police force, proactive measures by the banking sector, and increased staff for sanctions violations, while the legal and accountancy sectors diligently ensure compliance and refer cases for investigation.

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