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North ‘Govt’ Postpones Air Traffic Control Strike

The government in the north postponed the air traffic control strike at Ercan (Tymbou) airport for 60 days due to concerns over aviation safety and neglect of public property for financial gain. The decision followed urgent warnings from the union about technical inadequacies and substandard working conditions, forcing the air traffic control staff to halt their push for improvements.

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Court to Probe Alleged Exploitation of Migrant Workers

The Nicosia Criminal Court is investigating seven migrant workers’ exploitation on a livestock farm, with charges including poor living conditions, overwork, unpaid overtime, and document withholding. This case sheds light on global labor exploitation issues, emphasizing the necessity of enforcing worker protection laws for vulnerable populations.

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Protest Over Unfair Dismissals Shakes Cyprus’ Prisons

The protest at Cyprus’ central prison complex is driven by prison guard unions in response to the unfair dismissal of thirteen guards due to understaffing. This demonstration aims to shed light on the critical issue of staffing shortages that compromise security within the country’s penal establishments.

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Unions Alarmed by Coercion of Hotel Workers in Paphos

Trade unions have accused hotels in Paphos of pressuring workers to give up their union memberships or risk losing their jobs. This comes amidst upcoming negotiations for collective agreements and a new policy allowing more foreign workers, potentially jeopardizing job security for local employees.

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