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Delays in Establishing Juvenile Detention Center Raises Concerns

The delay in establishing a juvenile detention center has raised concerns about the lack of specialized facilities for underage detainees, potentially compromising their rights and rehabilitation. Despite legislation requiring a separate detention area for minors, they remain in adult prisons, risking harmful exposure and contravening best practices for juvenile detention. The House human rights committee, along with mental health professionals and children’s advocates, has voiced their concerns, emphasizing the need for dedicated facilities that address the unique needs of underage individuals in the justice system. The children’s rights commissioner has taken action by submitting a memorandum and announcing an impending visit to gather more information on the treatment of minors in central prisons. The House committee has scheduled a visit to assess the conditions firsthand, ensuring transparency and accountability. Temporary measures are in place within the adult prison system, but the longterm goal is to establish a dedicated juvenile detention center to prevent contact with adult inmates and provide appropriate care and guidance for successful reintegration into society.