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Tensions Escalate as Iran Targets Israel with Drones

In response to Iran’s aggressive actions, including a drone assault on Israel and seizure of an Israeliaffiliated ship, the National Security Council of Cyprus urgently convenes to address escalating tensions and prepare for potential security threats. Government officials express concern over the situation, emphasizing the need for swift diplomatic action as Israel remains on high alert for incoming threats.

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Ryanair flights from Israel to Cyprus resume

The resumption of Ryanair flights from Tel Aviv to Paphos, Cyprus on June 3 will boost tourism between the two countries, aiding the recovery of the local Cypriot economy postpandemic. With four flights per week, this initiative aims to reestablish cultural connections and revitalize the travel sector in Cyprus.

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Confusion Over Destination of Aid Ship Persists

The RFA Lyme Bay aid ship, carrying over 80 tonnes of humanitarian aid, is currently stalled off the coast of Cyprus, awaiting consent from both sides of the IsraelGaza conflict for docking and distribution. Cyprus is playing a role in storing and potentially transferring the aid, while diplomatic and logistical challenges, including discussions with the Israeli government and the establishment of a sea corridor, are contributing to the delay.

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