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TRT Cyprus Journalist Caught in Diploma Fraud

TRT Cyprus journalist Sefa Karahasan was arrested for obtaining a fraudulent doctorate degree from Cyprus Health and Social Sciences University, exposing widespread diploma fraud in Northern Cyprus’s education sector. The scandal highlights a network of complicity in falsifying academic credentials, raising concerns about the region’s academic credibility and integrity.

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Remembering Georgia Psaria

Georgia Psaria, a respected CyBC journalist, left behind a legacy of courage, professional dedication, and high ethical standards in journalism. Her compassionate yet objective reporting and inspiring battle with cancer set a standard in Mediterranean journalism, earning her admiration from peers and government officials alike.

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The Struggle for Quality Journalism in Cyprus

The Cyprus journalists’ union (Esk) is fighting for improved wages and working conditions to uphold quality journalism, emphasizing the importance of media diversity and democracy. Their campaign “Journalists have a voice” seeks to renew collective agreements and highlight journalism’s vital role in a healthy democratic society.

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