explosion investigation

Mysterious Explosion in Nicosia Raises Concerns

An explosion occurred outside a shop in the Makedonitissa area of Nicosia, causing damage to the shop’s facade and starting a fire. Emergency services responded swiftly, and an investigation is underway to determine the cause and motive behind the explosion. Public vigilance is encouraged, and safety measures are being reinforced.

murder investigation

Investigation into Limassol Murder Case Advances with Arrests

Significant progress has been made in the murder investigation of Thanasis Kalogeropoulos in Limassol with the arrest of two male suspects aged 41 and 44. The suspects are currently under investigation for premeditated murder. The murder, believed to be a gangland shooting, involved Kalogeropoulos being shot 10 times. One suspect from Paphos matched a figure captured on CCTV footage and is suspected to have been one of those involved in the escape after the murder.

fraud electronic fraud

Police Investigates New Case of Electronic Fraud Impacting Limassol Investment Company

An investment services firm in Limassol recently fell victim to electronic fraud where the cybercriminals embezzled over $48,000. The incident occurred when an executive at the firm received a fraudulent request from a supposed company shareholder to transfer $48,250 to an electronic wallet. The executive complied, only to later discover during a call with the real shareholder that it was not a legitimate request. The Financial Crime Prosecution Office of the Limassol CID is currently investigating the incident. The Police have issued a public warning and provided preventive measures to avoid falling victim to similar frauds.

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