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drug trafficking law enforcement

Ten Years in Jail for Cannabis Trafficker

The recent arrest at Larnaca Airport resulted in a tenyear prison sentence for a woman caught smuggling 9.5 kilograms of cannabis, showcasing the severe consequences of drug trafficking. Law enforcement’s vigilance and the judiciary’s zerotolerance policy aim to deter illegal activities and protect community wellbeing.

maritime security eu

Cyprus Shipping Chamber Welcomes Mission to Protect Red Sea Vessels

The Cyprus Shipping Chamber welcomes the EU’s maritime security operation ‘ASPIDES’ in the Red Sea, aimed at protecting commercial vessels amidst security challenges. This initiative, involving EU member states such as France, Germany, Italy, and Belgium, highlights the commitment to ensuring safe passage through this essential trade corridor for global supply chains and economic interests.

mental health national strategy

National Mental Health Strategy: A Commitment to Well-being

Health Minister Popi Kanari has announced the development of a comprehensive national mental health strategy for Cyprus, supported by WHO and regional collaboration, alongside infrastructure upgrades and expanded support for patients, reflecting a commitment to prioritizing mental wellbeing as a critical aspect of public health. The strategy will be informed by expert advisors from WHO and will align closely with the specific needs and situation of Cyprus.

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