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emergency response residents on high alert

Fire Raging in Paramali, Residents Fear Evacuation

The fire in Paramali village, Limassol, has intensified, prompting fears of potential evacuations as emergency services and international aid combat the flames. The nearby Ayios Georgiou monastery has evacuated monks as a precautionary measure, highlighting the urgency of the situation and the collaborative efforts to ensure public safety.

wildfire preparedness

Cyprus Enhances Preparedness for Wildfire Season

Cyprus is gearing up for wildfire season with enhanced preparedness measures, including robust drills like ‘Hephaestus 2024’, interagency collaboration, and international support with Jordanian helicopters. Agriculture Minister Maria Panayiotou leads the proactive efforts to protect natural landscapes and communities from the threat of wildfires, emphasizing the importance of readiness and strategic investments.

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